Driving Sustainability: Our Role in ‘Gelders Energie Akkoord’

The Gelders Energie Akkoord is striving for a climate-neutral province of Gelderland by 2050, an ambitious objective requiring significant shifts in energy consumption and production from all stakeholders. Acting as the orchestrator within this agreement, Good Growth Collective has been focusing on enhancing and guiding collaboration among the over 250 affiliated organizations.

Driving Sustainability: Our Role in ‘Gelders Energie Akkoord’
Driving Sustainability: Our Role in ‘Gelders Energie Akkoord’


Gelderland faces the challenge of cutting CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Despite advancements, meeting yearly savings objectives and expanding sustainable energy generation remains still a challenge. Good Growth Collective plays a pivotal role in addressing this disparity by formulating new strategies, encouraging innovation, and motivating all stakeholders to take action.

Energizing Transition: Impact on Local and Decentralized Energy Networks

With the appointment of Bernd Hendriksen as the new GEA-regisseur, Good Growth Collective has injected significant energy into the organization. Bernd's expertise in sustainability, climate, and energy, combined with his deep knowledge of Gelderland, has enabled him to implement effective strategies that drive the transition towards local and decentralized energy networks

Under his leadership, partners of the Gelders Energie Akkoord are actively collaborating to create practical solutions for challenges like grid congestion, while also unlocking opportunities for the region's energy-intensive industries. Good Growth Collective's involvement ensures that these collective efforts are not only foundational but also yield measurable impacts in achieving the GEA's goals.


  • Update on Climate Goals to the Provincial States - We have presented the current status of Gelderland’s climate targets to the provincial states. This presentation showed the progress but also underscored the challenges ahead in Gelderland’s journey towards reducing CO2 emissions and ultimately achieving a zero-emission future by 2050.
  • Launch of a practical guide for addressing grid congestion - On May 13th a comprehensive guidebook will be presented to the Dutch business sector. This manual, a result of collaborative efforts between Gelders Energie Akkoord, Province of Gelderland, and other key parties, focuses on how companies themselves can tackle grid congestion issues. The guide shows practical and actionable solutions that companies can implement to improve their energy management.
  • Organizing 'De Top van Onderop' congress - Looking forward, we will be hosting 'De Top van Onderop' on June 13th. Organized by the Gelders Energie Akkoord network in partnership with the National Climate Platform, this event is focused on presenting concrete and feasible examples that demonstrate the steps we can take to achieve Gelderland’s climate objectives. During this day, multiple workshops will be given on various relevant energy-topics.

*in-person meetings take place in our Amsterdam office on Warmoesstraat 149-151