Creating and communicating a CSR Strategy for Bata Industrials

Founded in the 1970s, Bata Industrials is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of safety footwear. With offices in the Netherlands, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Kenya, India, China, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, Bata Industrials serves customer markets on virtually every continent. Renowned for durability, functionality and comfort, the brand prioritizes adherence to stringent safety standards.

Creating and communicating a CSR Strategy for Bata Industrials
Creating and communicating a CSR Strategy for Bata Industrials


Bata Industrials saw strong growth in consumer demand for sustainable products, with competitors outpacing the company in this domain. As a result, it was losing opportunities in tenders.

Double Materiality Analysis and Strategy Implementation

First step: Identification of four key areas with Bata’s management. Those area’s are fundamental pillars of the company’s strategy that needed to be taken into account throughout the entire project - environmental care, community engagement, optimal material usage, and development of durable partnerships.

Second step: A Double Materiality Analysis was conducted to identify and prioritize the sustainability issues that hold the most significance for Bata Industrials and its stakeholders. Our approach to this analysis involved four phases: Stakeholder and issue identification, Stakeholder input, Prioritization, and Validation.

Third step: The strategy was translated into concrete actions. High-priority projects were implemented, including the establishment of a materials passport and the development of a code of conduct. Bata's progress on sustainability performance was tracked using relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Fourth step: External communication of Bata's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy and Activities in their 2023 report. The report not only highlights positive contributions to societal and environmental well-being but also demonstrates a proactive approach in addressing global challenges.


  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive and practical CSR Strategy addressing significant material topics for Bata Industrials and its stakeholders.
  • Improved sustainability performance of Bata Industrials' through the successful execution of high-priority projects aligned with its CSR Strategy.
  • Monitoring and transparent communication of Bata Industrials’ CSR Strategy through the 2023 CSR Report which can be found here.
  • Demonstration of a proactive approach and commitment to addressing global challenges, contributing to a positive corporate image.

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