(International) Business Development and ESG Reporting for Volta Energy

Volta is a scale-up focusing on the development and rental of sustainable and clean generators powered by solar energy and hydrogen. Volta's generators are a 1-to-1 alternative to the current diesel generators and are used in the construction, festival and event sector. Volta's mission is to make all polluting generators obsolete.

(International) Business Development and ESG Reporting for Volta Energy
(International) Business Development and ESG Reporting for Volta Energy


Volta faced various challenges, one of them being their endeavors in international business expansion, as they wanted to broaden their market presence, yet faced uncertainty regarding the optimal market selection and strategic approach. Additionally, Volta encountered difficulties in substantiating their carbon emissions statements with empirical data and lacked readiness for ESG reporting.

Implementing international market entry strategies and ESG Reporting Systems

We have provided comprehensive assistance to Volta Energy encompassing not only advising on which foreign markets to enter, developing entry strategies, and identifying potential launching customers, but also aiding in the implementation of these strategies. First a market analyses by our international team of young professionals was conducted. The following items were analyzed per market: market size and growth, key players and sectors (suppliers, direct/indirect competitors, potential customers), regulation, sale/rental potential. We conducted a lead discovery analysis based on interviews with local players. Based on our recommendations, an entry-strategy was developed as well as lead-generation strategy in the target markets. Due to the sustainable potential of Volta’s activities, the project was almost fully subsidized.

To substantiate Volta's statements regarding carbon savings, we employed proprietary tools for scope 1 carbon accounting, aligning with the GHG Protocol standards. Through extensive data analysis, we recalculated Volta's carbon claims and facilitated their communication on their website. Additionally, guidance was provided to Volta in enhancing its ESG data collection practices and a structured format for ESG reporting was proposed.


  • Extensive market analysis with short- and long-term recommendations.
  • International growth roadmap including market entry strategy, business development approach and validated leads.
  • International business launch, including PMO, business development and subsidy request.
  • Preparation for ESG reporting, including carbon accounting, fact-based carbon emission statements and external communication.

*in-person meetings take place in our Amsterdam office on Warmoesstraat 149-151