“We help companies deliver on sustainability”

Bernd Hendriksen
co-founder of Good Growth Collective

The realization of sustainability solutions through a hands-on, creative, insightful, and fact-based approach to create Good Growth for companies around the globe is at the core of our company. Our superpower lies in our extensive international network of sustainability and business specialists. Whether you need an integrated sustainability strategy, want to become a B Corp, or be CSRD-Proof, we can guarantee to find an answer for any question or challenge that may arise. That is the value of our Collective.

  • Looking for growth opportunities?
  • Are your customers prioritizing companies with sustainable products and operations?
  • Not knowing how to collect relevant sustainability data?
  • Behind on non-financial (sustainability) performance due to no or inefficient sustainability strategy?
  • Looking for fact-based sustainability (ESG) investments?
  • Wanting to comply with sustainability reporting requirements introduced by the EU such as CSRD?

 Good Growth Collective is the place to find the answer to these questions.

Our services

What we do

Discover how sustainability can become reality.

CSRD Compliance

Initiate your CSRD reporting journey with a comprehensive compliance project designed to secure your competitive edge and simplify regulatory complexities

Improve Sustainability Performance

Follow up on your CSRD Compliance Project or start enhancing your sustainability performance with a comprehensive company analysis and tailored ESG strategy implementation

ESG Business Intelligence

Establish or improve your ESG data collection processes and analysis

Specific Sustainability Solutions

Implement a strategy and relevant KPIs for specific improvements in your business activities

Business Development

Grow your company and/or enter new markets in a financially healthy and sustainable way

Take your company to the next level

Working with us future-proofs your business.

Practical and situation-specific solutions
Tailored sustainability strategy for your operations
Growth opportunities
Increased employee engagement
Relevant ESG Business Intelligence
Improved long-term financial performance
Ability to make fact-based ESG investments
Empowered, initiative-savvy employees
Credit rate discounts
Compliance with relevant sustainability regulations (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive)

*in-person meetings take place in our Amsterdam office on Warmoesstraat 149-151